Why SkootStor?



Solar Powered

  • Free electricity

  • 25 year performance related warranty

  • High performance solar panels function even on cloudy days

  • Full shade analysis survey carried out at each site

  • Multi-directional roof to ensure optimal solar gain

Fire Safety

  • Meets ‘NFCC Mobility Scooter Guidance Recommendations’

  • Can be located adjacent to a building subject to a site specific risk assessment

  • Assessed for fire spread & boundary conditions in accordance with Approved Document B of the Building Regulations


  • Security plate door guard

  • Digital door lock as standard

  • RFID electronic lock upgrade

  • 2-way safety bump rail

  • Robust galvanised steel frame


  • Anti-corrosive, UV stable, impact resistant, recycled wood plastic composite - 15 year warranty*

  • Galvanised steel frame

  • Non-slip recycled floor

  • Steel door ramp for easy access

  • Single piece GRP roof

*Conditions apply

Innovative Technology

  • LiFePO4 battery technology

  • 10 year performance related warranty

  • Charges all sizes of mobility scooters and all battery types

  • Non-standard plug that only charges mobility scooters (prevents misuse)


  • No concrete base required

  • No connection to mains electricity

  • No planning permission required*

  • Fast & easy construction

  • Flexibility to move structure if location requirements change

*Structure compliant with permitted development


Unit Options

We currently have two different sizes available

skoot edit final.png

SkootStor Single

WBF19-8 - twin -edit 2.jpg

SkootStor Twin



Site Requirements

Any SkootStor only requires a 4sqm area of unshaded level ground. Its flexible modular design means we can deliver to site, erect, commission and hand over to the resident all in the same day.


Rent or Buy?


  • Our rental contract has a minimum term of 36 months and includes our annual maintenance package.

  • Alternatively you can purchase SkootStor giving you the opportunity to customise your units (see optional extras).

  • All installations require a set up charge to cover delivery, erection, commissioning and tenant handover.

  • If you decide to charge rent for your SkootStor units, the revenue stream can be managed in-house or outsourced via the Alliance Ventures Framework outlined below.

Framework contract

Should you opt for renting or purchasing SkootStor, the Alliance Ventures OJEU Framework offers a fully managed solution or a simple supply contract via an open access agreement, making the procurement process easier and more cost-effective for you.


* Terms and conditions apply

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