Optional Accessories

smartbase plus foundation

Smartbase Plus

The SmartBase Plus is ideal for installation on uneven or sloping surfaces. The SmartBase Plus is an all-in-one solution – an additional aluminium floor frame or floor panels are not necessary. Unlike the SmartBase foundation, the patented SmartBase Plus system includes ground screws instead of adjustable feet. These are screwed directly into the ground and can compensate slopes of up to 15 cm. For this, the soil should compact and free of large stones and roots.

Available for the Highline and MiniGarage range only.

Smartbase Plus

Perfect for solid surfaces. The SmartBase Foundation is the ideal foundation for concrete or paved areas. It consists of high-quality aluminium boards, a special foundation frame and height-adjustable feet. So light ground irregularities of up to 4cm can be compensated.

Available for the Highline and MiniGarage range only.

Aluminium floor frame

Aluminium Floor Frame

Gives the necessary stability should you wish to erect it without a foundation on uneven ground (i.e. lawn). Four plastic corners ensure an exact fit by assembly. The ground anchors supplied guarantee safety in stormy weather.

Available for the Highline and MiniGarage range only.

Aluminium floor panel

Aluminium Floor Panel

The floor consists of 3-5 high quality aluminium chequer plate panels depending on the size of the shed, including connecting rails. To ensure the optimal fitting the aluminium floor frame is necessary. Please note that the aluminium floor plate needs to be supported by a filling underneath or an XPS rigid foam board of 2-3 cm thickness (which is not part of the delivery scope).

Available for the Highline and MiniGarage range only.


The side canopy is attached to the HighLine® (from size H2 onwards) on the side with the rainwater downpipe – optionally on one or both sides. Thus a covered area with the same/double surface of the building area will be created. The aluminium stayers are equipped with height-adjustable feet. Rainwater downpipe is included.

Available for the Highline range only.

Important! Please note that for the side canopy, the fixation points of the roof stayers are only suitable for a concrete or point foundation.

Shelf System

Two extendable, under one another positioned, height adjustable shelves including rails. (Size of shelf: W 43 x L 150 x H 5 cm). Capacity: max. 15 kg per shelf.

Available for the MiniGarage range only.

Bicycle Rack Set

Adjustable retaining brackets offer optimal solution for bicycle storage. Baseplate is easily fitted into 2 shelf rails (100 cm). Bicycle quickly and easily held by the tyres. Permits the optimal storage of 2 bicycles.

Available for the Highboard & StorMax 190 range only.


Electric mounting panel

Electric Mounting Panel

Discreet, hidden cable routing and easy assembly of switches and sockets (electrical equipment in photo not included).

Available for the Highline, MiniGarage, StorMax & HighBoard ranges only.

Intermediate Floor

Intermediate Floor

Get more space out of the HighBoard. Metallic silver, height adjustable in 9 different positions; suitable as a continuous floor or as a shelf.

Available for the Highboard range only.


Shelf Set

Creates space for storing large and small things. There are 2 hot-dipped galvanised steel shelves (size: 72 x 24,5 cm) and 2 shelf support rails.

Available for the StorMax range only.