SkootStor Shortlisted for "Product of the Year" Award


We’re proud to announce that SkootStor has been shortlisted for this years “Product of the year” award at the ASCP Safety & Compliance Awards.

SkootStor was created to solve the mobility scooter charging and storage issues many landlords across the UK are facing today. Due to tightening fire safety compliance policies, mobility scooters can no longer be stored in communal areas due to fire risk and their potential to block fire escape routes. This leaves landlords in the difficult position of having to remove scooters, leaving tenants housebound with restricted mobility independence.

SkootStor is an external storage solution where tenants can safely store their mobility scooters. Not only is it a secure facility but it also has the unique feature of a solar powered roof which enables tenants to charge their scooter with free electricity from the sun.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of SkootStor click here.

Wish us luck for the awards!

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