Why choose solar power?


In 14 and a half seconds, the sun provides as much energy to Earth as the whole of humanity uses in a day. With all this energy right at our fingertips the team at SkootStor thought why not incorporate the use of solar energy for charging mobility scooters ?

There’s many benefits in opting for solar panels rather than using mains power:

  • No messy trenching to bury cables.

  • No expensive upgrading of electrical supplies.

  • No electricity bills.

  • No arguments over who’s paying.

  • No time delay in getting your mobility scooter charging and storage facility installed.

  • You get to do your bit for the environment by supporting sustainable and renewable energy!

  • A pop-up solution means total flexibility to change locations or add and remove as requirements change.

SkootStor is a unique storage facility and is the only solar powered mobility scooter charging and storage solution on the market.

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